Yes, we have oversized metal panels, and planks to 20 feet. Not to mention a variety of customizable ceiling and wall systems for both interiors and exteriors. But it's our in-depth technical consulting and practical problem solving on applications of any type and scale that makes the difference. We provide industry-leading solutions for a wide range of commercial and industry metal ceiling systems.


Plank & Tile ceiling systems provide a clean, subtle look that communicates a sense of permanence and durability. Our panels contain high-recycled aluminum content and our manufacturing processes ensures flatness.

Linear Ceiling Systems allow a variety of innovative interior and exterior visual effects, from the softly rounded edges of 84R to the clean, square corners and multiple width and depth options of Box Series.

Linear Plank Ceilings create a distinct,  
smooth look. We offer a selection of cost-effective options for all interior and exterior applications.

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Cell Ceiling systems enable open plane constructions, offering a wide variety of cells and patterns for maximum freedom of design. Our panels contain up to 95% recyled content. 

Our Baffle ceilings offer best-in-class vane and carrier options that make them ideal for large spaces requiring a one-way plenum mask or specific lighting effects.

Exterior Ceiling Systems create a variety of looks and are engineered to withstand severe weather conditions.

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