A variant of traditional vertical board & batten siding, CertainTeed Reverse Board & Batten Reinforced Siding is a unique vinyl siding profile that can be used alone or with a combination of other siding styles on a home. 
It’s narrow, flat-faced boards and wide battens provide a rustic farmhouse appearance that was previously only achieved with real wood, and its authentic woodgrain finish comes in 10 low-gloss designer colors.
Reverse Board & Batten Reinforced Siding has the low install cost of vinyl siding, is virtually maintenance free, and is free from rotting, swelling, and long-term degradation. 
Reverse Board & Batten siding features an extra thick panel that is reinforced with a foam backer to create the rigidity and durability of hardboard cladding. It is lighter, easier to handle, and more weather-resistant than real wood, fiber cement, and wood composite siding. 
Other installer benefits include a secure, post-formed positive DuraLock™ lock with RigidForm™ technology and a partial rollover nail hem. Reverse Board & Batten Reinforced Siding also fits all standard 3/4" accessories. Check with your local representative for more information and location availability.

Information technique

Reverse Board & Batten Reinforced Vertical Siding is manufactured of components using PVC resin extruded and fused with an expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam backing.
Profile: Single 7” Vertical
Fini : Similibois
Panel Projection (Nominal): 3/8”
Vinyl Wall Thickness (Nominal): .046”
Longueur : 10’
Accessory Pocket: 3/4 po
Reverse Board and Batten Reinforced Vertical Siding is in compliance with ASTM D7445 specification for Vinyl Siding, and the requirements of sections R316.3 and R703.11 of the International Residential Code, and sections 1404,14 and 2603,3 of the International Building Code. Reverse Board and Batten Reinforced Vertical Siding meets or exceeds the properties noted below.
ASTM D 7445 - Surface Distortion: No distortion at 150° F
ASTM C 303 - Polystyrene Density: 2,0 lb./cu. ft.
ASTM E 96 - Water Permeability: Not less than 5,0 perm/inch maximum
ASTM C 272 - Water Absorption: < 2,75% by volume
ASTM E 84 - Fire Characteristics:  
Vinyl Siding: Facing Flame Spread Index <=25
EPS Backing:  Flame Spread Index <=75
EPS Backing:  Smoke Development Index <=450


Prior to commencing work, verify governing dimensions of building, examine, clean and repair, if necessary, any adjoining work on which the siding is in any way dependent for its proper installation. Sheathing materials must have an acceptable working surface. Siding, soffit and accessories shall be installed in accordance with the latest editions of CertainTeed installation manuals on siding and soffit. Reverse Board & Batten Single 7" Reinforced Siding installation manuals are available in the page sidebar.

Détails Garantie

CertainTeed supports Reverse Board and Batten Reinforced Vertical Siding products with a Lifetime Limited Warranty including PermaColor™ Lifetime Fade Protection to the original homeowner. The warranty is transferable if the home is sold.

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