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What makes our shingles the best on the market? It's simple: every product we produce is backed by 100+ years of manufacturing excellence. From product design and engineering, all the way through to final delivery, we remain dedicated to providing the industry with reliable, high-quality roofing that offers long-term beauty and value.

We are also constantly evolving – studying and testing products, responding to the wants and needs of our customers, and experimenting with new ideas and materials – so that no matter what the job calls for, you can trust the CertainTeed brand to deliver state-of-the-art performance.

Grâce à notre engagement envers l’amélioration des produits et l’excellence de la fabrication, nous avons développé de nombreuses technologies précieuses qui aident les entrepreneurs et les propriétaires à construire des maisons meilleures, plus sûres et plus confortables.



ClimateFlex Logo



ClimateFlex technology combines our durable roofing asphalt with the performance benefits of rubberizing polymers. Il en résulte des bardeaux résistants aux chocs qui offrent une classe de pointe 4 cote (UL Classé à UL 2218) pour la protection contre les dommages causés par la grêle et l’impact de la grêle, ainsi qu’une adhérence supérieure des granules de surface et des performances toutes saisons qui protègent toute l’année dans presque tous les climats ou conditions. 

In addition to protecting your home from hail storms, impact-resistant asphalt shingles (also known as IR shingles) may also save you on insurance premiums. Contact your insurance carrier to see if they provide a discount for owning an impact-resistant roof. The rubberizing aspects of ClimateFlex technology also provide cold-weather-friendly pliability, allowing contractors to handle and install ClimateFlex shingles in temperatures that turn standard shingles stiff and brittle. 

ClimateFlex impact-resistant shingles include Landmark® ClimateFlex and NorthGate ClimateFlex® (subject to regional availability).



Solaris® Cool Roof



Solaris Cool Roof technology is a sustainable solution that applies energy-saving performance to our most popular shingle brands. Featuring a special granule surface blend that can reflect up to 27 percent of solar heat, they help reduce roof temperatures and heat transfer into living spaces, lessening the workloads of air conditioning system to save on energy costs. 

Solaris Cool Roof shingles are available in multiple profiles – including our popular Landmark® and Presidential Shake® series – and include numerous rich and authentic color options, including darker brown, gray, and black hues.  
In addition to offering homeowners a variety of beautiful, classic looks, Solaris Cool Roof products can be used to comply with California Title 24, Part 6, Cool Roof requirements (per the California Cool Roof Rating Council), and may qualify for LEED certification, federal tax credits, or other green building programs. 

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StreakFighter technology provides reliable, long-term protection against the unsightly black streaks caused by algae formation. Featuring copper-infused surface granules that possess natural anti-algae properties, StreakFighter works to prevent algae from taking hold on shingles - helping roofs maintain their beauty and color, and helping homeowners avoid expensive algae cleaning or time-consuming roof maintenance. 

StreakFighter protection is backed by an industry-leading warranty, and is a standard feature on CertainTeed asphalt shingles sold in regions where the algae that causes black streaking is prominent. 

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​​Since its introduction in 2004, the NailTrak wide nailing area has helped contractors install with speed, accuracy, and confidence. Now NailTrak is better than ever – with brighter nailing lines that remain highly visible from sunup to sundown.  

NailTrak removes the guesswork with three separately defined lines, presenting a large area to guide your nailing and a smaller area for extreme steep-slope applications. It is standard feature on most CertainTeed designer shingles, including our popular Landmark® and Landmark® PRO brands.

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La technologie QuadraBond sécurise fermement les couches d’un bardeau ensemble, aidant les toits à résister au vent et aux intempéries afin qu’ils conservent leur beauté et leur performance. Featuring an industry-best four points of adhesion, and backed by CertainTeed’s superior manufacturer’s warranty, QuadraBond delivers exceptional quality and reliable strength against shingle delamination.

QuadraBond is standard feature on most CertainTeed designer shingles, including our popular Landmark and Landmark PRO brands.

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CertaSeal est un adhésif de haute qualité fabriqué à partir d’un mélange exclusif d’asphalte et de polymères qui scelle les bardeaux ensemble sur le toit pour les protéger contre le soulèvement par le vent, le soufflage des bardeaux et l’infiltration d’humidité.

Designed to be fast activating after installation, CertaSeal is one of our most tried-and-true technologies – with a 20-year track record of protecting homes – and is a standard feature on all CertainTeed shingles.

Unlike harder sealants that can dry out and crack over time, it is designed to remain pliable and accommodate the slight structural shifts caused by years of temperature and weather changes, all while protecting homes from wind and wet weather year round.