Perfectly Blended Colors Create a One-of-a-Kind Exterior Appearance

CedarLife Color Blends capture the beauty of real cedar as it ages naturally

One of the best ways to update the appearance of a home is with new siding and trim. From warm, earthy tones to cool, light shades, your homeowners can mix and match different colors, styles, shapes and sizes to achieve the custom look they’ve been dreaming of.

Cedar Impressions, the favored vinyl polymer siding line, offers them a wide range of design options with eight styles, six sizes and over 45 colors to choose from. And its latest color innovation is sweeping homes across the country with its unique blended shades.

CedarLifeTM Color Blends capture the appearance of Eastern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar at various life stages. Each application is truly one of a kind because of the innovative, industry-first color blending throughout the shingles.

You can help your homeowners choose from four different color families—natural blend, cedar blend, driftwood blend and rustic blend—and a progression of shades within each family that ensures they can find the perfect color for any style.

Installation is simple as many of the trimming and finishing issues associated with real wood shingles are eliminated, and each application showcases the craftsman’s touch.

The color of siding, trim and roofing have a big impact on the overall appearance of a home, so we understand the dilemma many homeowners face when trying to choose the right color combinations. That’s why we’ve created a host of color selection tools, including Blend-itTM, Colorview® and more, so you can be a valuable resource to homeowners as they consider their color choices.

CedarLife Color Blends are available in Cedar Impressions Individual 5” Sawmill Shingles and Single 7” Straight-Edge Perfection Shingles.

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