ONE Precision Assemblies

Your Projects, Accelerated.

Our built-to-spec floor, wall, and roof panels are an ace up your sleeve for builders and developers. Leverage CertainTeed's deep building science expertise to streamline your process and build better performing, lower-maintenance homes per year. 

Customized, code-compliant panels are manufactured and installed in as little as one to two weeks. Your projects are built in a fraction of the time and come with CertainTeed’s assurance of quality.  

See how ONE PRECISION ASSEMBLIES can help you build beautiful, energy-efficient homes faster.


Insulated, weathertight, and finished wall, floor, and roof panels manufactured to your design, and installed on your site in as little as two weeks. 

Windows, doors, siding, insulation, moisture management, structure, and interior finishes optimized for performance and sustainability. 

Designed to reduce the hassle of maintenance. Get in and out fast when it’s time to renovate.  

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Build Faster, And Smarter 

From quicker builds to less maintenance and repairs, partnering with CertainTeed will accelerate your time to revenue. Build a custom project in a fraction of the time, while delivering best-in-class performance and quality. 

•  Floor, Wall, and Roof Panels precision manufactured in a week 
•  Installed on your site by CertainTeed in 1-3 days 
•  Weather-tight in days—not weeks 
•  Eliminate schedule and cost risk  
•  Build almost any time of year! 

With fully assembled wall, roof, and floor panels manufactured to your design and engineered to perform, build more homes, faster.


Minimize maintenance.

The benefits of using ONE PRECISION ASSEMBLIES don’t end when you finish your build. The quality, performance, and durable aesthetics give your homes an edge over the competition.

Engineered to significantly reduce maintenance over generations, future renovations and finish changes to CertainTeed’s code-compliant panels can be easily  made to fit changing trends or owner needs. Extending the life and desirability of your builds for years to come. 

•  Designed to maximize performance and minimize maintenance. 
•  Stay on trend with easily exchangeable finishes. 
•  Lean on the comprehensive support and expertise from CertainTeed, the trusted leader in building solutions for any future questions. 
•  Gain peace of mind with a trusted, industry-leading warranty from a brand you trust. 


Earning Tax Credits for Energy-Efficient Single-Family New Construction 

Builders of new or substantially reconstructed homes meeting energy efficiency requirements can receive a tax credit of up to $5 000 per home under the 45L energy-efficient home credit

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) extended this credit, which had previously expired, to cover qualified new energy-efficient homes sold or leased through 2032. The IRA also increased the credit and modified the requirements. 

Credit Tiers: ENERGY STAR® and Zero Energy Ready Homes 

There is a base credit amount for homes that meet the applicable ENERGY STAR requirements, and a higher credit amount for homes that are also certified as Zero Energy Ready under the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program (ZERH). 

For single-family homes sold or leased from 2023 to 2032: 

- $2 500 credit for a residential new construction that meets the respective ENERGY STAR single-family or manufactured home requirements. 

- $5 000 credit for a site-built or manufactured home that meets ENERGY STAR requirements and is certified to the applicable ZERH program requirements

These credits are available to the builder in the year the home is sold or leased to another person for use as a residence. 

Guidelines and Instructions 

- Overview of ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction program requirements 

- Overview of the Zero Energy Ready Home program and how it relates to the 45L New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit   

- Instructions from the IRS on how to claim your credits.  

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“Better performing, healthier, and more durable homes...” 

“Prefabricated homes use modern manufacturing methods that have already reshaped other industries, such as automotive, electronics or aerospace. Assemblies are built in a controlled environment and the process is continuously optimized to improve quality and reduce waste and other costs. The higher quality translates into better performing, healthier, and more durable homes, along with a safe work environment for contractors.” - Martin Torrez, Business & Technology Development Leader, CertainTeed

The "5 Cs" of ONE Precision Assemblies

  • Customize:  Order complete prefabricated panels that are built to your design and meet or exceed local building codes. 
  • Consolidate:  Simplify your project with a single specification and warranty for the entire building envelope. 
  • Control:  Build faster without compromising quality.  
  • Conserve:  Save money and preserve the environment by reducing waste and energy consumption.  
  • Care:  Protect homeowners and the planet with healthy, durable homes. 


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