Adoration Chapel

The church was doing a full gut remodel, but had a particular vision of what they wanted in the adoration room. The original drawing for the room was very basic, but working with the church and contractor to understand their vision and how they wanted to use the space the sub was able to create drywall detail that complemented all of the pieces in the chapel. The goal was to bring the Crucifix further into the room and, being in the corner of the room, it created some unique challenges of its own. The unique integrated design was a result of the space limitations, ceiling height, and the size of the crucifix wanted. Once the requirements were established, the vision was formed and it simply took on a life of its own. The best drywall projects are those where the drywall and corners accentuate the room and not detract from it. No-Coat Ultra Flex was used for the inside and outside off angles to keep the lines crisp and straight. The detail­ - multiple compound angles and tight angles intersecting at the same point - made the corners a focus, so having straight, clean lines was imperative. The overall design created really changed the look and feel of the project, and the contractor stated that there isn’t any other product that he would have used for this application to create the end result in a while also saving on labor expenditures.

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