Rapid Deco® Extreme Abuse Type X with M2Tech® Drywall is a fire-, abuse-, mold-, and mildew-resistant board pre-finished with a specially formulated skim-coat material to facilitate a Level 5 finish. The skim coat is factory-applied to provide a consistent and uniform finish. Rapid Deco Extreme Abuse Type X with M2Tech is designed to provide enhanced protection against abrasion, indentation, and impact penetration, as well as growth of mold and mildew. It can be installed in applications that require direct mechanical attachment to wood or metal framing, or as a component of fire-rated assemblies.

Rapid Deco Level 5 skim-coated drywall is installed in the same manner as traditional drywall and finished with Rapid Deco Level 5 Joint Compound to easily and quickly produce a Level 5 finish. (Please refer to the Rapid Deco Level 5 Joint Compound submittal sheet for technical information).

This board may also be used as a thermal barrier in roof assemblies when specified by the roofing manufacturer. When used in a certified sound-rated assembly, Rapid Deco Level 5 skim-coated drywall will also contribute to the required sound transmission classification (STC) values. All Rapid Deco drywall boards are GREENGUARD Gold certified.

Rapid Deco with M2Tech achieves the best possible score of 10 for mold resistance per ASTM D3273.



  • Rapid Deco Level 5 is the best solution for areas specified for a Level 5 finish, such as:
  • Hotel lobbies and interior public spaces
  • Board rooms and conference rooms
  • Office atriums and hallways
  • High-end residential housing
  • Any area where critical lighting or gloss paints are specified in which a smooth finish is desired


  • Provides an equivalent to a field-applied Level 5 finish in the same number of steps as a Level 4 finish
  • Creates a uniform surface and the highest-quality finish
  • Provides consistent job results
  • Minimizes jobsite application labor and reduces cost over a field-applied Level 5 finish
  • Installs in the same manner as traditional drywall - no special tools or enhanced skills required
  • Superior Level 5 results in less time

The Rapid Deco line is also available in the below board options:  

Rapid Deco® Drywall - ½” (12.7mm)
Rapid Deco® With M2Tech® Drywall - ½” (12.7mm)
Rapid Deco® Type X With M2Tech® Drywall - ⅝” (15.9mm)
Rapid Deco® Type X Drywall - ⅝” (15.9mm)

Match any of the Rapid Deco board options with the Rapid Deco® Level 5 Joint Compound

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  • Épaisseur : ⅝” (15.9mm)
  • Largeur : 4’ (1.2m)
  • Longueur : 10’ (3m) and 12’ (4m). (other lengths available by special order)
  • Poids : 2,8 lbs/ft2 (1.3kg)
  • Âme : Non-combustible, dimensionally stable, inert gypsum
  • enhanced with glass fiber for strength and fire resistant
  • Papier : 100% recycled; Face paper coated with a specially
  • formulated skim-coat material; Edges = white, back = gray
  • Long Edges: Biseautés

Manufactured to meet ASTM C1396/C1396M, Section 5, Gypsum Wallboard, Type X (factory-finished per ASTM C840 Level 5); Abuse Resistant per ASTM C1629/C1629M and Mold Resistant per ASTM D3273.

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When installed on steel studs, standard 20 gauge 30 mil (for use of 20 gauge EQ studs, contact stud manufacturer) or thicker studs should be used. Install according to Gypsum Association GA-216 or ASTM C840. For fire-rated construction, consult GA-600 Fire Resistance Design Manual and UL Fire Resistance Directory. Rapid Deco Level 5 joint compound should be used for best match to Rapid Deco drywall. Refer to GA-214 for more finishing recommendations. It is recommended that a visual inspection be done prior to painting to confirm that proper finishing practices have been followed to avoid anomalies in the painting and decorating process. For best results, a good gypsum board primer should be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions before painting or before any texture material is applied.

Détails Garantie

Veuillez vous reporter au document ci-joint pour obtenir les détails complets sur la garantie.

Information sur la durabilité écologique

CertainTeed Gypsum s'engage envers la durabilité. Situés dans toute l'Amérique du Nord, nos sites de production de produits en gypse couvrent la demande régionale en matériaux et respectent des règles éthiques responsables accordant une grande importance à l'environnement, à la préservation des ressources naturelles, au recyclage et à la gestion des déchets. Nous continuons à rechercher des moyens de réduire l'impact de notre industrie sur l'environnement tout en satisfaisant aux demandes des clients de solutions écologiquement durables qui fournissent confort, protection et performances.

CertainTeed is committed to sustainability and transparency.  CertainTeed Gypsum created 3rd party Type III product and plant specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for many of our products, including 5/8” Type X, 5/8” M2Tech Type X, ½” Type C, 5/8” Type C, 5/8” GlasRoc Sheathing, 5/8” Extreme Abuse, and 5/8” Extreme Impact.  These Type III EPDs are certified by UL Environment.

CertainTeed Gypsum also has Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for all gypsum board products; many which are 3rd party verified.  The 3rd party verified HPDs provide assurance all the products raw materials are declared to the specified PPM.  PLUS, 3rd party verified HPDs can assist in achieving credits in your LEED v4.1 project. 

CertainTeed Gypsum also is committed to producing low VOC content products.  Many of our gypsum board and setting compounds are GREENGUARD Gold certified through UL Environment. 

Our gypsum board manufacturing facilities, located throughout North America, operate in a responsible and environmentally conscious ethic which includes:

  • Réclamation
  • Préservation des ressources naturelles
  • Le recyclage
    • Many plants have pre and/or post-consumer recycled content used within the products
    • Papier 100 % recyclé sur les deux faces
    • Les déchets en usine sont recyclés dans le processus de fabrication.
  • La gestion des déchets

CertainTeed products can contribute to many different Green Building Rating systems, such as the LEED and WELL programs. Sustainable documentation, including recycled content, EPD’s, HPD’s, VOC Certifications, can be found at https://certainteed.concora.com/.


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