Reduce & Dampen Noise with Acoustical Sound-Reducing Drywall

The materials you choose to construct your home can have a significant impact on your comfort levels. By choosing the right drywall, you can block sound from areas of your home to reduce disruptions to your family.

Sound-reducing drywall has the ability to limit the spread of noise, making it an ideal option for rooms that need to block out sound This quiet drywall can help a baby sleep in a nursery, contain the surround-sound of an in-home movie theater, or help you focus when working in a home office. It is a popular choice for single-family homes as well as living spaces with shared walls, like condos or townhomes, or public areas like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and schools.  

In order to pick the best drywall for soundproofing, it helps to understand how sound travels and how acoustical drywall blocks it. Sound is measured in decibels (dB), which report how loud a noise is. The hum of your refrigerator is around 40 dB while a motorcycle produces a road around 95 dB. 

Noise-reducing drywall products are rated on transmission loss, or the number of decibels that are blocked by a wall. Sound waves are absorbed by the wall, limiting what you hear on the other side. Construction materials companies use a rating system called Sound Transmission Class levels, or STC, to determine how effective a product is at blocking noise or creating transmission loss.

Qu’est-ce que l’indice de transmission du son (ITS)? 
L’ITS est une mesure de la façon dont un mur ou une cloison de bâtiment réduit la transmission du bruit à travers un bâtiment. L’ITS est la norme de mesure aux États-Unis pour déterminer dans quelle mesure les murs intérieurs, les planchers, les plafonds, les portes, les fenêtres et les murs extérieurs des bâtiments réduisent le bruit des déplacements. En dehors des États-Unis, il existe différentes normes de mesure pour obtenir la même note. Au Canada, l’ASTC est la norme utilisée.

Qu’est-ce que l’Indice réel de transmission du son (ASTC)? 
L’ASTC inclut les contributions de la transmission latérale du son et est donc un meilleur descripteur des rendements acoustiques du bâtiment. La cote ASTC entre les logements doit être de 47 ou plus pour la conformité avec le NBCC 2015.

At CertainTeed, we use an acoustic gypsum board to create sound dampening drywall. Our SilentFX® QuickCut™ product is made with two dense gypsum cores separated by a layer of viscoelastic polymer, which blocks out interior noise. With an STC rating of 50 or higher when installed properly, this option is ideal for systems requiring high STC performance. 


Does Sound Reducing Drywall Work?

There are many factors that contribute to the soundproof nature of a house. While walls play a significant role in blocking noise, soundwaves can travel under doors, through ductwork, and around an open floor plan. The levels of noise in your house are also determined by your design tastes, as sound will get absorbed by soft surfaces like carpet but will reverberate off of hard surfaces like tile. 

Additionally, STC ratings do not factor in low-frequency bass, which is often the source of many sound problems.

As you shop around for the best soundproof drywall, look for acoustic drywall that blocks out noise but also provides additional benefits to your home and family. At CertainTeed, our product is enclosed in a 100% recycled moisture and mold resistant face and back paper layer which protects your walls and flooring. It is a durable board that accepts most types of paints, texture, and wall covering materials. Even if you aren’t able to completely soundproof your home with noise-absorbing drywall, you can still dampen sounds and limit the spread of noises from one room to the next.

Along with sound-dampening drywall, CertainTeed offers a variety of other drywall and gypsum board products that can improve the construction of your house. Learn more about the materials we sell so you can determine which ones are right for your home. 

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Le rendement acoustique prend vie

Écoutez la différence qu’un ensemble mural utilisant SilentFXᴹᴰ QuickCut peut faire. Accédez à l’application dBstation pour une démonstration acoustique ou pour en savoir plus sur le confort acoustique.

SilentFX QuickCut a une épaisseur de ½ po et dispose de la technologie M2Techᴹᴰ de CertainTeed. Conçu pour se tailler et se casser facilement, QuickCut permet une installation plus rapide et des coûts de main-d’œuvre moindres.

SilentFX QuickCut Type X a une épaisseur de ⅝ po, dispose de la technologie M2Techᴹᴰ de CertainTeed et est classé pour les espaces nécessitant une résistance au feu. QuickCut permet une installation facile.

Ces produits fonctionnent pour relier les panneaux et panneaux de gypse, et pour sceller les interstices, pour un rendement acoustique complet. 

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