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Inside and out, the first order of GlasRoc® business is protection—whether that’s guarding against the exterior environment or resisting interior moisture and high humidity.

Innovative engineering results in lightweight panels that welcome heavyweight tasks. GlasRoc Sheathing and Shaftliner provide that long-term outside coverage; Tile Backer and Interior Drywall double down with protection and superior finishing results.

That’s trustworthy defense, inside and out.

Strong and flexible with excellent fire-resistance, this exterior sheathing provides long-term protection against weather exposure while also being flexible enough to bend for curved surfaces.

Ideal for multi-story buildings, this specially formulated, fire-resistant, noncombustible gypsum board has a moisture-resistant core, and achieved the best possible score of 10 per ASTM D 3273 for mold resistance.

GlasRoc® Tile Backer is a wall and ceiling tile substrate. Its paperless tile backer board provides increased mold resistance, so it’s well-suited for tile and non-tile installations in wet and non-wet applications, areas of high humidity, and for fire-rated assemblies.

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Where do you find glass-faced gypsum products that deliver on industry standards for quality and resistance to weather, moisture, and fire? In a word: GlasRoc®. Innovative engineering delivers lightweight panels that embrace heavyweight tasks. Inside and out. For the best in protection, choose GlasRoc.

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